How To: Shoot a stop-motion animated film

Shoot a stop-motion animated film

This video will show you how to make a stop motion film using an editing program called Windows Movie Maker. Find a place to film your stop motion movie. Preferably a well lit area where the light source is constant. Set your camera on a tripod and position at the angle you prefer. Place the object you want to use in your film outside of the camera's view, and take a picture. Move your object slightly into the camera's view and take another picture. Repeat this many times, until your object is off the other side of the screen, for a smooth motion effect. Upload all the pictures to your computer. Send all your pictures to Windows Movie Maker, and drag them down into the timeline. Now click and drag each picture to the far left. Click play to check your stop motion speed. Adjust the speed according to your preferences. Save and or publish your movie. Follow these simple steps and you will be publishing your first stop motion movie for everyone to enjoy.

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