How To: Make a stop motion video

Make a stop motion video

In this tutorial, from Zappos, learn how to make a simple stop motion video. This process is a lot easier than you would expect and this video is here to give you a step by step.
You Will Need:
*a constant light source that won't change
*a remote trigger for your camera so your shots never move

Step 1: Make your character appear to move:
Move your character very, very slowly. Take a picture, move him again, take a picture, move him again.. and if you need him to turn around, do so very slowly, by turning just a hair each time.
Continue moving and taking a photo until he is out of the screen.

Step 2: Make things disappear and reappear:
Take a photo of an object or character, then remove the object from the next frame. You can place him somewhere else in the next shot as well, so it appears he has jumped or teleported.

There are 30 frames per second in an average video. In stop motion, each picture on your film will occupy about 2 to 3 frames.

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