How To: Make a moving gif from Myspace using GifNinja

Make a moving gif from Myspace using GifNinja

The first thing you have to do make a movie is to click on Start and go to windows Movie Maker. And then click on Import media to edit the video which you want. And then drag the selected video to Time line at the bottom. If you want to make your movie for less than a five seconds or so click on the Trim and drag it to your left hand side. When your done with that click on file menu and click on publish movie. You can name your file and can also choose the destination you want and then click on next button and select best quality and click on publish and when your done with that click on the internet explorer and in the search tab type And then click on convert video to gif. After that you can select whether to allow it or not and after browsing click on make my gif and then your gets converted and you can also download it directly download it and can save it to the destination you required. Thats all!

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