How To: Make a LEGO stop-motion movie

Make a LEGO stop-motion movie

In this how to video, you will learn how to make a LEGO stop motion movie. First, you must create your set. The base plate must be taped down to the table or a hard surface. To create the animation, move the LEGO man's leg and take a picture. Move it again and take another picture. Keep on doing this until he reaches the destination you want. The more pictures you take the smoother the video will be. To edit the animation, import it to your computer and open up your movie editing program of choice. Next, go to the top and select all the images. Left click and select add to time line. Once this is done, click on one of the pictures and zoom in. Shrink each image on the time line to adjust the speed. Get your microphone and connect it. Now, record the sound to the video with the mic. You have now created a LEGO stop motion movie.

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