How to Create your own episode of South Park using Flash CS4

In this super cool tutorial, learn how to create your very own episode of South Park using Flash CS4 and a couple of images you can download on the web. This tutorial is for any super fans who wish to spend some extra quality time with their characters, or for anyone interested in animation. These famous, foul mouthed, 2D characters are fun to move around and will do anything you need them to do once you get started! Get your fan fiction minds turning with this video!


I want to do an episode for my graphic art and design classes and I was wondering if it's possible using these software: Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Flash Pro CS5, and Adobe Photoshop CS5. Please reply, thank you.

You should be able to do it with Photoshop and Adobe Flash Pro CS5. CS5 has many similarities to the CS4 version so this tutorial may help, but you can also try this clip: (and browse through the rest of our tutorials). Hope these help! We would love to see your end result!

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