How To: create animation by hand

create animation by hand

One great, award winning How-to. Produced 20 year ago.

You might have observed that on Sundays we tend to slow down the pace. Which is to say that we enjoy offering a leisurely How-to on the Lord's holy day. Be patient, Tonto: the subtitling is primitive: and the running time is as long as it needs to be: and yes, it was produced before the frenetic era of the internet.

No matter. This is one excellent tutorial. Revelatory. Instructive. Tasty. We hope you enjoy.

(The pin-up girl pictured here is in Video Chapter 3 of the sequence.)

In case you ever forget...we are Wonderhowto...and we embrace every cartilage in the longtail of curiosity.

Do different types of traditional hand animation

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This video reminds us of how creative we can be with traditional animation techniques. The examples of animation are so cool! don't miss this one..

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