How To: Animate GIF files from video using Photoshop CS3

Animate GIF files from video using Photoshop CS3

This tutorial shows you how to make an animated GIF out of any video on Adobe Photoshop CS3.

If you are having problems with the video not showing up, then: Does the video file work in other programs, and do any other video files work in Photoshop? You might have a codec missing or it could be a rendering problem. You just need to find the source of the problem (i.e. find out if another file will work in CS3).

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I love your tutorial...I have a question. Why do I get the message saying file not supported when I open the video that I want? I used .avi, .wmv and .mpg but i still have that message. Help!!!

hey dude thanks for this vid but i have a question; if you open your vid (an avi file) into photoshop you have the animation screen and stuff but is there a way to add a new frame to the vid or save it as an editeble gif or something like that thx anyway if you know plz comment on my youtube channel ( or on my account... thanks anyway

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